The Benefits of Skylights

It’s true, skylights are often seen as a luxury addition to your home or office, adding value to homes that receive minimal daylight, as well as creating illusions of larger space.

Skylights are literally windows on your roof that open up a space allowing clear views of the bright blue sky during the day and the beautiful starry views at night. Adding skylights to your home will provide the interior rooms with the warmth and brightness of natural daylight, as well as make your space feel larger and more comfortable!

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, you will also notice health and energy efficiency benefits associated with skylights. Its been scientifically proven that exposure to healthy natural light can improve your overall mood and increase productivity (dark areas make us feel tired and unproductive). Skylights manufactured today also use a glazing that blocks/reflects harmful UV rays while still allowing healthy light through. Also, with all the added natural light, you will save energy by reducing your reliance on electric lighting.