Akfix 602 is a solvent-based plasto-elastic bituminous sealant, reinforced by fibres, for gluing and reparations on bituminous surfaces. After curing a permanent flexible mass is formed.



  • Colour - black
  • Immediate and permanent adhesion on all common construction materials (such as brick, concrete, lead, zinc, tiles, isolation panels, certain plastics, etc…)
  • Can be applied under humid conditions.
  • It is thixotropic and therefore cannot drip, flow or spill and makes no threads.
  • Free from asbestos.
  • Remains flexible after processing and vulcanization.
  • Resistant to moisture. Economic in use.
  • Inflammable (when used properly).
  • Highly insulating. Protects against rust and moisture.



602 Bitum Sealant


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