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  • ZZZ201 | The VELUX winder handle, constructed from cast steel is an easy to use crank handle for operating current model VS Skylights within reach.

    • Used to open VELUX manual skylight within reach
    • Easy to use
    • For in reach applications


    ZOZ032 | The VELUX 60cm Short Control Rod is used to operate VS Skylights out of reach.

    • Opens VS Skylights when slightly out of reach
    • Small size
    • Easy to store


    XCT300 | Extendable control rod (145-285cm) to operate VELUX Skylights out of reach.

    • For high, out of reach spaces
    • Can be dismantled and stored away
    • Easy to use design


    ZXT200 | extendable rod control for out of reach DKD and FHCD blinds.

    • 100-180cm
    • For out of reach DKD/ FHCD blinds
    • Adjustable length


      Rods & Handles

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