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How Much Do Skylight Installations Cost in 2023?

Have you entered a room and immediately noticed something that’s lacking? Sometimes it’s easy to blame your home's unwelcoming feel on its furnishings and other fixtures, but usually, the lack of natural light also plays a significant role. 

By letting in plenty of sunshine, your home is effortlessly transformed from unwelcoming to cosy where you and your guests can just sit back and relax. Not only that, but the natural light also does your interior design justice by letting colours and decor pop. And with Australia's abundance of sunlight? It's no surprise that skylights are becoming more popular in Australian homes. 

Besides natural light, skylights also come with other benefits like helping improve the ventilation and air quality in your home. Another advantage is some skylights have energy-efficient features that can help you save money on your energy bills. So if you're looking for a way to make the most of the space, then you should consider installing skylights.  

Different Types Of Skylights

Skylights come in various shapes and sizes, giving you more options to choose something that will suit your budget and preferences for your rooms. 

Fixed skylights are the most popular type of skylight. Though you can no longer open them once installed, rest assured your home will still receive a constant flow of natural light. 

Meanwhile, venting skylights work differently than fixed ones. You can open or close them, which gives you more control over the airflow and makes the air inside your home better. Attics and other small spaces can feel more open and roomy with tubular skylights. These are super easy to install and work by capturing sunlight with a tube-like structure and funnelling it down into your home. 

When it comes to making a house a relaxed living space, every homeowner has different tastes and needs. So if you want something that is tailor-made to meet your preferences, custom skylights definitely make an excellent investment. 

How much does it cost to get a skylight installed?

As for upgrading a home with skylights, the cost is a significant factor that homeowners need to consider. Skylight installation cost in Australia usually varies depending on several factors such as the size of the skylight, type of skylight, installation method and additional features like shading or energy-efficient glass. Typically, the standard VELUX skylight costs in Australia can range from $1200 to $5000, while a more complex installation with features like ventilation or motorised shades can cost from $5000 and above. 

For comparison's sake, a fixed singular skylight will run between $1200 to $5000, while a tubular skylight would cost you anywhere from $900 to $2000. Looking for a vented singular skylight with manual, electric, or solar capabilities? Then, expect to pay between $2000 and $8000. 

However, do keep in mind that these are just estimates and that your final cost will still depend on the factors mentioned above. 

Upgrade Your Home With Shire Skylights

Shire Skylights is a company that specialises in skylight installations and is an authorised dealer of VELUX skylights. As an authorised dealer, Shire Skylights has access to the full range of Velux skylight products, including fixed, manual venting, electric venting, and solar-powered venting skylights, as well as a variety of sizes and glazing options.

Besides being high quality and durable, Velux skylights are also designed to be energy-efficient. This is especially great for homeowners looking to add natural light to their homes while also reducing energy costs. 

The VELUX FS Fixed Skylight-Pitched Roof is at $420 and available in multiple sizes with a 75% Heat Block. This type is ideal for bringing natural light and views of the sky into every room to give the illusion of more space. The VELUX FCM Fixed Skylight - Flat Roof is more affordable with a lower price tag. It features an all-metal outer frame and the VELUX High-performance laminated glazing unit. The sleek exterior not only reduces the building's lower profile on the roof but also acts as a shield against the sun's rays and heat to create a "cool" daylighting solution. 

We also have options for VELUX VS Manual Openable Skylights - Pitch Roof that come with either High-Performance glazing or Comfort double glazing. It has flashings for either a corrugated iron or tile roof and blocks 80% of the heat. 

If you want the ultimate flat roof skylight, you can never go wrong with VELUX VCS Solar Powered skylight - Flat Roof for $2000. It lets in a lot of light and has adjustable ventilation. Aside from that, it also has a solar panel that uses the light from the sun to recharge a highly efficient, battery-powered operator and control system. For more, feel free to browse our skylights for sale. 

Are skylights cheaper than windows?

Skylights are not cheaper than standard windows, but you'll save money in the long run by installing them. They can provide more privacy than traditional windows and can help regulate temperature by providing passive solar heating in winter and shading in summer, potentially lowering energy costs for heating and cooling. And compared to installing windows, skylights may need more framing and flashing to make sure they are properly sealed and waterproof, adding to the overall cost of the installation. 

Can I install the skylight myself?

Technically, it’s possible for a homeowner to install a skylight themselves, but it’s not 100% recommended. Installing a skylight requires a certain level of expertise, and even small mistakes can lead to big problems such as leaks, drafts, or even collapse. Since skylights are typically installed on rooftops, they can be dangerous and difficult to access without it proper training and equipment.

If you're considering installing a skylight, it's advisable to hire a professional in this area. Shire Skylights are professional suppliers and installers based in Caringbah, south of Sydney. Our team can help you find the best solution for your needs, whether it’s a solar skylight or a custom design to make the most of your space.

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