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VELUX FCM Fixed Skylight - Flat Roof

SKU FCM 1430 0004AD
Barcode 5702326426674

Would you like to add flashing to your skylight?

*Save additional 5% off VELUX when adding a flashing to your order

What is a flat roof skylight? The FCM Fixed Skylight is a non opening skylight suitable for roofs between 0-60° in pitch, where added ventilation is not necessary. The FCM flat roof skylight features the VELUX High-Performance laminated glazing unit and a durable all-metal exterior frame. Its sleek design not only reduces its profile on the roof but also offers an efficient daylighting solution by effectively preventing heat build-up and blocking harmful UV rays. Enjoy significant advantages at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Product features:

  • Laminated glass will not fade or discolour over time - unlike acrylic or polycarbonate.
  • Available in 14 sizes
  • Maintenance-free anodized heavy-gauge aluminium frame withstands the extremes of the Australian climate.
  • Versatile product that can be used on roofs between 0-60° in pitch*
  • Can be used in portrait, landscape or even “diamond shape” orientation**
  • High Performance double glazing as standard – blocks approx 70% of radiant heat and gives 99% protection from UV rays
  • 10 year guarantee.
  • NEAT™ coating on outer pane reduces cleaning frequency.

Key Features:

  1. Sleek Design: The FCM Velux Skylight is a stylish and contemporary addition to your home. Its low-profile frame ensures a sophisticated integration with your roof. 

  2. Durable Build: Crafted with durability in mind, this skylight is built to withstand the test of time. The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and protection against the elements, making it a reliable investment for your home. The FCM's maintenance-free PVDF lacquered aluminium frame withstands the
    extremes of the Australian climate.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Embrace sustainability with advanced glazing technology that minimizes heat transfer. With a choice of blinds that provide different levels of light and privacy control, making the FCM Velux Skylight an eco-friendly choice for your home. Please note that Velux Blinds are a seperate purchase, you can shop here.

  4. Various Size Options: Personalise your space and create a unique focal point that matches your aesthetic vision with various sizes, Velux have 14 sizes available in the FCM Fixed Skylight range. Please note that all Velux skylights are only available in one colour as displayed. 

  5. Natural Light Enhancement: Maximise sunlight penetration with strategic design, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. The FCM Velux Skylight transforms your interiors with invigorating natural light, promoting a healthier and vibrant living environment.

  6. Weather Resistance: Engineered to withstand the elements, this skylight guarantees reliability and performance in various conditions. A crucial part of any skylight installation is the flashing system which is used to surround the skylight in the roof. The flashing is used as a way to ensure your skylight is waterproof. You can shop here to view our selection of custom base flashings. Rest easy knowing your investment is well-protected against the forces of nature.

Australian standards: VELUX Skylights are tested and approved to the appropriate Australian Standards. AS4285 AS1288 AS3959^ AS1530.8.1 

Code Mark is a voluntary certification scheme owned by the Commonwealth of Australia that provides legally binding evidence of compliance to the National Construction Code of Australia. One certificate replaces dozens of technical papers.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom flashings are required for FCM (not provided) - SHIRE SKYLIGHTS can assist with technical advice and drawings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Peter Sorras

Quality product at an excellent price

George Zagas

Great service

dan wellman

VELUX FCM Fixed Skylight - Flat Roof

Happy Customer

I made a last minute decision to add to two 665x1885 skylights to my master bedroom. Shire Skylights had the best price that I could find and they were ready for pick up so quickly. My builder installed them and they are stunning. I’m now going to get two more for my outdoor living area. Highly recommend buying from this company, it’s effortless.

Eliezer Gomez
Happy customer

Quick turnaround.