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Shire skylights are a certified Velux installer and service all divisions of the construction industry- Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Our team consists of a licensed builder, carpenters, roof plumbers and plasterers, to ensure that your project is completed by professional tradesmen.

We can provide:

  • Retro fits into existing homes: We are highly experienced installing skylights into existing homes. Installing a skylight in your home requires multiple trades, at Shire Skylights all the required trades are under one roof. Our highly skilled team consists of carpenters, roof plumbers, plasterers and painters, will assist in the coordination of completing your skylight install.

  • Skylight Design and orientation: Installing a skylight into an existing home can be complicated, the main factors to consider are; structural elements, electrical services, plumbing services, internal finishes and a home’s orientation. Shire skylights are able to assist in the design of your desired skylight at the planning stage, this can often be the difference between going over or under your budget. If required our staff are able to provide detailed drawings to help visualise the internal finish.

  • New builds: Shire skylights offer a supply and install service for new builds. Once the roof covering has been installed, our team is able to install the required skylights. 

  • Dome Replacement – Older brittle acrylic dome skylights often need replacing, with a similar installation method, our flat roof skylights easily replace existing acrylic or polycarbonate domes, yet provide the thermal comfort of double glazing and a low profile in the roof. Our FCM is a superior product, similar price! For those also wanting ventilation, opening models are also available in both manually operated (VCM) and solar powered (VCS) versions.

 To find out more about our installation prices you can request a quote here.

It's easy to upgrade your traditional domw skylight, check out the below. We can also do all installations.

Skylight Installations & Repairs for Sydney Properties

Skylights have a lot to offer any home or business. They saturate your rooms with beautiful natural light which makes your space appear larger and more inviting. Plus, modern skylights are manufactured to reflect and protect from UV rays which means only safe, healthy light streams through. Whether it’s part of a new build, renovation or you’re interested in skylight installation on an existing property, our installers can get the job done. We have fixed or flat skylights and roof windows in our range, as well as skylight blinds so that you can control the levels of light throughout the day. If you have an existing skylight which could use repairs, our team of Sydney-based skylight experts can offer solutions to them back to looking new. We only stock the highest quality products, such as Velux and Akfix, to ensure our clients always receive premium skylights and are entirely satisfied with the finished product.

About Shire Skylights

We are a local Australian business offering advice, installation and repairs on skylights across greater Sydney. Providing affordable skylights throughout Australia is our top priority, and we offer delivery to all major cities nationwide. You can also pick up your order from our warehouse in Caringbah, south of Sydney, on request.

Over many years of business, we’ve built a stellar reputation with our clients and in our community. It is our commitment to client satisfaction that has seen us continue to thrive in the industry and provide our customers with the highest standard of skylights in Sydney. We believe in always providing customer service that goes above and beyond other retailers, with a focus on building lasting customer relationships.

Contact Our Skylight Installers

Let the light shine in with quality skylight installation and repairs. If you have any questions for our installers, feel free to contact us on (02) 9542 8287.