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Why do I need a skylight?

Adding a skylight is an easy way to enhance any space within your house. 

Create light
Having ample light in your space can be the difference between having a space you want to spend time in or not. Natural Light is fundamentally important to the quality of our lives and living environments. Light creates a positive atmosphere and changes the way we feel about our living spaces and wanting to spend time in them. Its many moods and variations can help make your house feel like a home.

Having good airflow in your space is crucial. In most modern cities, space comes at a premium and we sometimes live in older houses with little ventilation. Using Skylights can increase usable space by providing natural light and ventilation to dark corners or poorly lit rooms while creating inviting and comfortable spaces.

Did you know the the moisture put into the air from a typical family is similar to emptying a large bucket of water on the floor every day? Kitchens and bathrooms are areas where the build up of condensation is especially high due to the steam produced from showering and cooking. Not only will skylights bring light into these parts of you home, they can also act as extractors of hot air and
help minimize condensation and mould growth.

Now that you can see the benefit of adding a skylight to your home, find out what considerations you should make when deciding which skylight to install.