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Velux custom flashings- Flat Pack

Flat Pack VELUX Base flashings for metal roof coverings - All you need to know!

It's important to recognise that VELUX does not manufacture a flashing system to suit metal roof coverings, VELUX is a European brand hailing from Denmark. In these parts of the world metal roof coverings are non-existent unlike Australia's obsession with colorbond steel! Therefore a Metal roof flashing does not come with your VELUX skylight. If you have a metal roof such as Corrugated, Trim deck or Klip Lock, we have developed the flashing system you are after which comes as a Flat pack or pre assembled.

What is a Flat Pack Flashing System?

The Skylight Warehouse flat pack flashing system is a type of flashing that is designed for VELUX Skylights. It consists of a series of pre-cut and pre-formed pieces of flashing that can be easily assembled to fit the specific size and configuration of the skylight.

The system has 4 pieces, front, left side, right side and back and is designed to be easy to install, with step-by-step instructions included in the kit. The pieces of flashing are pre cut to suit the skylight specified. 

The installer is responsible for assembling the flashing kit, in accordance with our installation guidelines (link) which involves sealing and fixing the four mitred joints together.

Benefits of the VELUX Flat Pack Flashing System:

  1. Easy to Install: The system is designed to be easy to install, even for those with limited DIY experience. The step-by-step instructions make it easy to assemble and install the flashing correctly.

  2. Made to last: Flat pack flashings are made from Colorbond & Duracote steel, the market leaders in rain water products

  3. Cost effective: If you are trying to keep the cost of your skylight project to a minimum, the flat pack flashing will reduce your costs in comparison to our Pre fabricated flashing range.

  4. Reduce installation time: Save up to 50% on install time by using the flat pack flashings, in comparison to traditional hand cut on site methods. 

If you are considering installing a skylight in your home, the VELUX flat pack flashing system is an excellent choice. It's easy to install, customisable, creates a watertight seal and is durable. Plus, it is specifically designed for VELUX skylights, providing you with confidence and ease that it will work seamlessly with your new skylight.




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