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Pitched Roof Base Flashings (VS/VSS/VSE/FS)

On this page you are required to select the Velux skylight model & size that you are buying the flashing for. Make sure your buying for one of the following models:

Pitched roof base flashings are desinged to suit the following VELUX Skylights, on roof pitches above 15 degrees: 

  • (FS) Velux Fixed Skylights 
  • (VS) Velux Manual opening Skylights 
  • (VSS) Velux Solar powered Skylights 
  • (VSE) Velux Electric opening Skylights 

Once you have made your selection, you will be directed to the following page where you will need to know confirm the following details: 

  • Your roof type & roof pitch
  • Do you require your flashing pre-fabricated or flat pack?
  • Colour choice 
  • The orientation required. Note: The orientation of the flashing is determined by the skylight chosen. For pitched roof skylights the orientation CAN NOT change. All measurements are shown as Width x Length. Example: FS C01 550x700 - Width 550mm (across roof) x Length 700mm (up/down roof).